Expedition Budget

ItemNotesCost in dollars
Boat Rental$5500 of which $1900 has been paid as depost3600
boat prep and repairbuild bodega for fresh food and dry goods, attach platform on stern for cleaning fish, pots/pans, erect two temporary cabins inside for occasional privacy2000
Fuel for primary engine85 HP diesel engine will use 8.5 gal per hour. Trip= 300 hours = 2550 gal, approx $4 per gal10200
Motor Oil50 gal, sufficient for 4 oil changes, approx $4 per gal200
Fuel for auxiliary boatTo explore tributaries too small for large boat, emergencies, 110 gal @ $4.50 per495
Crew on groundFor outfitting, trip prep, 10 people @ 120 soles per day per person (appr $40 pdpp), add'l for right hand an $5004500
Crew on trip
Juan RuberSpeaks dialect, years ago was in jungle with lumber an oil companies, local authority over other staff, no english1500
LaydiRuns cocina, plans/executes food, laundry, etc., no english, one of three females1500
JhermanGo to guy, assistant in all forms, decent english1000
GeorgeTrue jungle guide, lives in jungle full time, night guardian, no english1000
RuberAlso good jungle guide, invaluable for sighting birds and animals, operates small boat motors, some dialect, decent english1000
SiddalithCooking, cleaning, loves to work, makes people laugh, second of three females, little english1000
Jairopoliceman from Iquitos, invaluable for protection1000
Monicakitchen/cleaning crew, third of three females1000
PepeIndigenous Matses headman with full face tattoos. Friend for 30 years. Speaks dialect and will calm the villages we encounter simply by being at easewith us.1000
IrenePepe's wife and daughter of perhaps most famous Matses headman in modern times. She will be unequaled in gathering wild foods, making natural medicines, etc. $10001000
Medical DoctorAbsolute must on a trip of this length and scope3000
Medical Kit Supplies400
Gorman expensesFlights2000
Trip prep2000
iquitos hotel2000
expenses two months4000
ER cash6000
Devon Wright (Peter's assistant for 10 years) expensesFlights2000
trip prep1000
iquitos hotel2000
expenses two months2500
Military outpostspermissions to pass, FUNAI4000
Droneswith chargers and extra batteries, 3900
Satellite Phonerental and service3500
Kitchen costs
Grill and charcoal200
buckets, soaps, scrubbers150
thermoses, backup stove, freezer, used fridge1200
30 tanks of propane600
two required cocina licenses/classes for Laydi and Siddalith300
Fresh food
30 flats of eggs, potatoes, tomatos, carrots, yams, beets, ginger, onions, yucca, corn, plantains, limes, celery, peppers, fruits, scallions…2000 meals, can be reupped in Leticia and at Peleton Brazilian military base2500
Dry goods6 kilos salt, 1 kilo peppr, spices, 60 liters cooking oil, 80 kilos rice, 10 kilos pastas, 10 kilos cheeses, 30 large instant coffee, 30 large instant chocolate, 3 flats (72) cans evap milk, 20 cans sweet condensed milk, 20 boxes tea bags, 20 cans spam, 40 tins large sardines, 40 cans tomato aste, 8 kilos each of black beans, lentils, split peas, ucayali beans canary beans, popcorn. 40 large bags dry bread, 10 large strawberry jam, 20 tins red feather butter, napkins, toilt paper, paper towels2000
Boat Protection
2 12 gauge shotguns (already have two)700
2 shotgun licenses300
2 flare guns shipped to Peru early250
add'l flares50
2 sets of (2) walkie talkies with batteries200
6 machetes (jungle and boat use)50
4 fire extinguishers120
Other boat needs
50 meters heav plastic and hooks to drop outside windows in rainy weather200
6 extra spark plugs for boat, small boat, generator25
6 extra propellers, three for each boat motor50
12 cotter pins to secure new propellers as needed4
12 lanters if generator goes bad75
20 yards tethering rope, tie boat down at night and various needs60
Indian glass seed beads, a cherished gift on the river, 20 kilo @ 15 per kilo, fishingline, hooks, weights, nets400